The Lord’s Grace in Dad

Dad and Mom

Today is Allen Rogers birthday. Allen is my dad, one of the most precious gifts given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ. As a son, I did not choose to be entrusted to him; in his love, God simply placed me within his care. For this sweet providence, I am very grateful, and rejoice in the kindness of our great God. There are a few things that I remember about my dad that continue to impact the way I live for Christ, which I will share below.

#1 Christ made my Dad loyal. As his son, I have been able to observe this loyalty in his relationship to others, in his devotion to his work, in his desire to serve others well, and in his steadfastness as a father to me. The Lord has used my dad’s loyalty to be an illustration of what God the Father’s loyalty is like to his covenant people. The Lord’s “loyal love” (what many Bible translations call “steadfast love” or “lovingkindness”) for his people does not fail them, nor does it waver in doing good to them, and it always acts according to what is right. Although my dad is not perfect like the Lord, his life has been a great picture of loyalty for me to observe. This, I hope, teaches me how to live with loyalty towards others, and especially towards the Lord’s covenant with me.

#2 Christ made my Dad a good protector and provider. There was never a time that my dad witheld anything from me that he thought would be good for me. He has always been instrumental in providing for my needs. He has also been a great protector in our home, always looking out for us, and especially for my mom. I even remember nestling down beside him in our couch in the evenings. Indeed, it was a safe place to be. These things set before me the way I should act in our home now, because it models the way in which the Lord is always faithful to provide for his children what is best for them, as well as give them his protection. This is especially seen in the overflow of Calvary and in the shield of the cross. Though my dad is not the Lord, his life has given me a glimpse of how the Lord is my protector and provider. This, I pray, will effect the way I both provide for my home, and protect my wife (and children, Lord willing).

#3 Christ made my Dad a just and merciful person. Both of these things I have been able to observe throughout my life at home. My dad was just in the way he taught my brothers and I that our sin has consequences. He was right to discipline us for our corrupt actions. It was love that drove him to do so, and most of the time this was expressed. My dad was merciful in the way he forgave us for multitudes upon multitudes of our sinful actions, even sheltering, feeding, providing, loving, and teaching us immediately after our wrongdoings. The Lord demonstrates both of these things in his covenant people as well, his justice in disciplining them, and his mercy in forgiving them. The Lord even brings both his mercy and his justice to their utmost revelation for us at the cross of Christ. I am glad that my dad is hidden in this cross, and that the Lord enabled him to live a life that portrayed different aspects of what God is like. These things will help me in the rearing of children and discipleship of other young ones.

#4 Christ made my dad an encouraging person. Whether it has been baseball, football, work, ranch management, academics, or pursuits in the ministry, my dad has been gifted with encouragement for his son. His words, hugs, and phone calls, play a large role in my own perseverance to glorify the Lord in all things. To know that I have a father who is for me teaches me about my heavenly Father, who, by his triumphant grace in Christ Jesus, is also for me.

Happy Birthday Dad. Through you, the Lord has shown me much favor. I praise him for his past works in your life, the current work he is doing in you, and the future work he will do to finally glorify you together with himself. Thank you for living in such a way that helps me to understand my heavenly Father.


3 Responses to “The Lord’s Grace in Dad”

  1. Jon Says:

    Praie the Lord for our fathers!

  2. Brandon Says:

    I can say “Amen” to all of this. Thanks for putting the words together so well, bro. What an accurate description of our earthly Dad!!

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