An Outline of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Revealed in the Apostolic Preaching of the Cross

I have recently added an outline of the Gospel at the bottom of the page entitled, “Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” I used this outline to help the two young men I am discipling to better understand the essentials of the gospel, in order that we might be better prepared to preach the gospel to others in our evangelism as well as to ourselves on a daily basis.

It is broken up into five main headings which are easy to remember: 1) God the Father Reveals Himself in God the Son; 2) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified; 3) God the Father Raised Jesus from the Dead; 4) Jesus Christ Sent God the Holy Spirit; 5) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is Coming Again. I did my best in these main headings to summarize the apostolic witness found in Acts and the New Testament epistles. Also, there are twenty-four subheadings that explain what is meant by the assertions made in the main headings, each of which are followed by an abundance of biblical support.

I have found the outline a very helpful resource in sharing the gospel with others and preaching to myself. I pray it might do the same for others.   


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