Out From Under a Basket

This weekend I had the privelidge privilege of speaking at a discipleship weekend along with two of my dear brothers (Blake Hicks and Robert Browning). The event was hosted by Redeemer Church, our local congregation, and provided an atmosphere for youth and their parents. The event was titled, “Out from Under a Basket: Developing a God-exalting Life of Evangelism.” Indeed, it was one of the most convicting, humbling, engaging, and transforming events I have attended. Through Blake and Robert, the Lord provided me with some wonderful instruction on reaching the lost world for Christ. In the following posts, I will try to summarize some of the main points of application from each of our talks. I hope they are an encouragement for all of us in our evangelism efforts.


8 Responses to “Out From Under a Basket”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about this conference and what you guys taught.

    However, I bet the one thing you did not teach on, was spelling; specifically the word “privelege”.

    Your loving, priveleged, younger brother,

  2. Bret & Rachel Says:

    It is for this reason that I usually have you, my dear brother, edit my papers. Thank you for keeping me in check. I love you.

  3. Kellie Rogers Says:

    “Privelege” is spelled “privilege”….
    Aggies!!!! Love, mom

  4. Bret & Rachel Says:

    It is for this further reason that I always have you, my dear mother, edit my papers after Brandon has done so. Thank you for keeping your sons in check. I love you.

  5. Brandon Says:

    That’s awesome…I got corrected too….by my Mom.

    Which is worse? Brother or mom?

  6. Brandon Says:

    nicely played Bret…nicely played.

    I feel as though I’m being laughed at…by my family nonetheless.

    Oh well, I guess as long as you don’t spell Jebus wrong.

    …oh wait…dang…

  7. Kellie Rogers Says:

    Laughing is much better than crying….Thanks for your healing touch on the family, Brandon. By the way, I called Dalton and he spelled it “privalege”!

  8. Kellie Rogers Says:

    by the way, it is a “privilege” to be the mom of the Roger’s men. 🙂

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