The Husband’s Duty in the Family’s Pursuit of Joy in God

I just finished writing a paper for one of my classes called The Christian Home. It was an attempt to write a biblical theology on the man’s role in the home both as a husband and father. I posted it on the “Theology & Exegesis” page under the subheading “Practical Papers.” I included the introduction below to give you a flavor of where the paper is headed.

“In this present evil age, either passivity, resulting in uninterested, weak, apathetic households, or domination, resulting in stiff, joyless, and, sometimes, violent environments plague male leadership in the home. Although both sinful dispositions exist in the hearts of men worldwide, submission to the Lord in his designed role for the husband/father will surely advance the eradication of such ungodliness from the home. God established the husband as head over his wife and the father as head over the home so that through the fulfillment of this man’s responsibilities the family would aim to pursue their joy in God.” (To view the entire paper click here.)


4 Responses to “The Husband’s Duty in the Family’s Pursuit of Joy in God”

  1. Billy Marsh Says:

    Looks like a good paper, I read pieces of it. I enjoyed writing the paper for this class. I learned a lot from mine as I am sure that you did from yours.

  2. ddeevers Says:

    Good paper topic.

  3. Ben Seals Says:

    What a pleasure it was to read this paper and what a pleasure it has been to read some of the others that you have posted. Praise the Lord for the gifts he has given you to expound and explain the mandates that he gives. I learned a lot about what I might one day be called to be. Thanks for your willingness to share your own revelations.

    Ben Seals

  4. Brandon Says:

    what about a the husband’s duty to post more material on his blog?


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