Threefold Gospel Ministry: Doctrine, Faith, Godliness

After reading through 1 Timothy several times over the past week, the Lord graciously helped me see something amazing in his word. Through the exhortations Paul writes to Timothy a threefold Gospel ministry appears consisting of right doctrine, persevering faith, and godly conduct. He mentions these three as separate items within the letter, however, he never allows any one of them to stand alone; that is, they are never to be seperated from one another theologically or practically. Together, these three concerns of the Apostle form a kind of triple-braided chord that cannot (and should not) be broken. In the following posts, you will find my attempt to explain these three individually, and then how they come together as a theological/practical unit to comprehend a Gospel-centered ministry.

In case there are any interruptions, look for these posts:

  1. Doctrine: Clear Understanding and Exposition of the Gospel
  2. Faith: Genuine, Persevering Trust in the Gospel
  3. Conduct: Godliness Demanded & Effected by the Gospel
  4. Gospel-Centered Ministry: Right Doctrine, Persevering Faith, Godly Conduct

5 Responses to “Threefold Gospel Ministry: Doctrine, Faith, Godliness”

  1. Billy Marsh Says:

    I look forward to reading these posts. I am glad the Lord revealed these three qualities of Gospel-centered ministry to you in 1 Tim. When I took The Pastorals class with Dr. Wolfe, he alluded to these three as the main gist of Paul’s progression of thought in everyday Christian ministry. He proposed that these were the basis of Paul’s philosophy of ministry in both 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. In addition, I am excited to see what you have to say about Gospel-centered ministry due to the major work the Lord is doing with me in looking at Preaching Christ in all of Scripture, Gospel-centered Hermeneutics, and Cross-centered living.

  2. Bret & Rachel Says:

    Billy, I always find it encouraging when the Lord brings about unity within his body by pointing his children to the same central truths found in his word. I am glad that Dr. Wolfe teaches these three characteristics of a Gospel-centered ministry. I look forward to taking his NT Theology class this fall.

  3. Job pariyar Says:

    “”Be an example of Believer
    in Word,in Conversation in Charity,in,Faith,in Purity and in Spirit”
    1 timothy 4:12

    Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Grace be unto you ,and Peace ,from God and Father, and from the our
    Lord Jesus Christ
    Beloved brethren
    First I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.
    For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in GOSPEL of His son,that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayer.
    There is one body,and one spirit, even as ye are called in one Hope of our calling.
    Till we come in the unity of the faith,and of the knowledge of the son of God,unto a perfect man,unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ.
    For through him we both have access by one spirit unto the father.Now there ye are no more stranger and foreigner,but fellow-citizen with saint, and of the household of God.
    Who hath saved us, ans called us with an Holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and Grace, which was given us in Christ, who hath abolished death,and hath brought life and immorality to light through the Gospel.Where unto I am appointed a preacher,and an Evangelist and an preacher of the Gentile.
    Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
    For the Love of Christ constraineth us : to preach Gospel to the
    gentile that is our duty to laid down our lives for our brethren as Christ came for Sinner i am one among them and i should preach gospel
    as word says “But if our Gospel be hid,it is hid them that are lost” 2corinthian 4:3
    And he died for all, that they which should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them,and rose again.Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh:yea,though we have known Christ after the flesh,yet now henceforth know we him no more.
    As Jesus died for our sin and he cleaned our sin through His precious
    Blood there is no redemption in this world accept through the Blood of Christ and we are his ambassador.For ye were sometimes darkness but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of Light. and bear the fruit for the Christ and lead them to the light who were still in darkness
    Whether therefore ye eat,or drink,or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of GOD.
    For what thans can we render to God again for you’ll, for all the joy wherewith we joy for your sake before our God. Night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face and have fellowship for the
    Glory of God. Now God himself and our Father,and our Lord Jesus Christ,direct our way unto you.And Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men,even as we do toward you. Do waiting for your love and prayer towards our Ministries and evangelist

    Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and love of our Father and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with you all AMEN

    Your co-labor in Christ Jesus our Redeemer and Savior

    Brother Job Pariyar 25years
    sister Shailaja Rani 20
    Infant Samuel Pariyar 45days old

    Postal address
    # 17-706 Indira Nehru Nagar,
    Malkajgiri, Hyderabad 500047
    Andhra Pradesh South India

    Phone +91-09393104147

  4. Pastor K.MELTON SELEWEYAN Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus.

    We really need you in Liberia to help us with our Churches and other aspects of Ministry work. In addition, we have attached few of our activities in photos showing newly planted Churches, Seminars and other works carried our by our Ministry.

    Please feel free to interact with us as “It is all about Him” and be assured that we will be in the position to arrange your assessment visit to Liberia . If you cannot lead a team to Liberia now, we want your prayer support and other needed materials for this task.

    We remain with prayers.

    Pastor & Mother Cecelia K. Seleweyan

    Grace Christian Fellowship Ministries,Inc.

    P.O. Box 5860, Monrovia , Liberia

    Call +2316-535148 / 2317-7050413

    E-mail: /

  5. Abebe Tsegaye Says:

    Dear beloved friends in Christ,

    First and foremost, I bring my warmest greeting to you in our blessed HOPE OF JESUS CHRIST. God’s grace and peace be with you.

    We know the most important historical event for us was not the walking on the moon, but that JESUS OF NAZARETH walked on the earth. As the bible says in Rev. 5: 9-10 we are linked in the great family of God by this redemptive and holy history of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore I am so encouraged to E-mail you.

    I love Jesus Christ and his servants more than this world glory and treasures. All glory and honor back to the sweet name of the one who chose the path of obedience, not expedience. I am proud of you all. It is really a big privilege and opportunity to be a servant for the living God.

    As you know that we Ethiopia are known by non-civilization, running and famine and living under poverty line, even sometimes we can’t stretch out our hands to our mouths, but the grace of God is always faithful according to his promise word to us!

    I am so pleased with the Lord since he has used you in a mighty way to reach out the truth of his word . We are found in the age in which it is said the God of bible is better than the scientific God, however in your works show your faithfulness and obedience to the grace of God is not overlooked! Whereas, as for me it is becoming a cause to praise and give thanks to HIM from the very depths of my heart for he has given you the boldness to his WORD. Great will be your reward.

    Dear the people of God, I have a profound thirst to know more about God and his word; but I am deeply sorry that even I couldn’t really buy one of Christian books, so that I am being severely suffered to get any Christian books (Spirit-filled books).

    As a Christian, it is not expected from me to break your heart, but truth can’t break us because it is stranger than fiction: there is a time that a simple coin needed to buy a piece of paper. That is why I decided to E-mail you by considering that my prayer answer is in your hands.

    Here in Addis Ababa , there are so many various denominational churches. Over 95% gospel ministers have no reasonable personal libraries to study the truth of the Holy Scriptures. 80% know nothing about the holy bible and its major teachings.

    The work of evangelism is not being done in biblical way. In many charismatic meetings the historical Jesus is hardly mentioned and the bible is not used. Man is being exalted. The name of man is being glorified, and that we are being tossed about by irrational and the wind of doctrines.

    Dear sir, you see, we can’t learn something with nothing. A Christian minister can’t teach if he doesn’t study, and he can’t read or study if he doesn’t have books. Thus, books are the key to raising the standard of teaching in the body of Christ.

    Hope that your unreserved help will play a paramount role for my personal studies and ministries. So please send me whatever your books, even if used books. And at any time getting any basic need is not my burning issue. The others will come step by step as written in Mathew 6:33 if I get the WORD.

    May our good and gracious God continue to give you health and enough strength for your everyday work as you fight a good fight HIM.

    Yours in Christ,

    My address :- Abebe Tsegaye 21937

    Code 1000

    Addis Ababa


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