The Discipline and Coherence of New Testament Theology

During my last semester of my Master of Divinity, the Lord placed me under the leadership of some SWBTS professors (esp. Dr. Paul Wolfe & Dr. Paul Hoskins), assigned me some very helpful works to read from Evangelical scholars, and provided fruitful relationships with two Christian brothers (Billy Marsh & Jason Snider). Together, all these brothers helped me as I worked through the discipline of New Testament Theology. In the near future, I plan to post some of my own reflections on this topic in combination with others like Richard Bauckham and David Wenham. Due to the nature of the topic, I will divide the reflections into a series of at least eight posts.

My goal in doing this is to provide the larger community of faith with a better understanding of how the twenty-seven books of the New Testament not only fit together in the canon, but also in their testimony to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. For those of you who might not be as familiar with some of the interconnected issues involved in doing New Testament theology, or find yourself lost in some of the terminology, I would encourage you to interact with me and others using the comments option or email me. I pray this will be a fruitful activity in helping us all to gain Christ as he stands forth from the text’s testimony. The following eight posts should look something like this:

  1. Introduction & the Beginning of New Testament Theology
  2. The Nature & Role of the Gospels
  3. The Role of Acts of the Apostles
  4. The Role of Paul’s Contribution
  5. The Role of Hebrews & the General Epistles
  6. The Role of the Revelation
  7. The Coherence of the New Testament’s Theology
  8. Conclusion on New Testament Theology & Its Application

3 Responses to “The Discipline and Coherence of New Testament Theology”

  1. Billy Marsh Says:


  2. Bret Rogers Says:

    Yeah! “Applyication”! Its the superlative use. 🙂

    I corrected it. Thanks brother.

  3. A New Testament Theology, Blogged . . . « Straight out of the SWBTS Blogosphere Says:

    […] The Discipline and Coherence of New Testament Theology: […]

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