Diagram for Paul’s Threefold Gospel Ministry

Last semester, I posted a four-part series that attempted to explain the important interconnectedness between right doctrine, persevering faith, and godly conduct. In sum, we saw that (1) right doctrine must inform and ground the Christian in the Gospel; (2) persevering faith must be placed in and encouraged by the Gospel explained by right doctrine; and (3) godly conduct must flow from a persevering faith as demanded by right Gospel-doctrine so as to reflect the truth of the God’s triumph for sinners in Christ. Together, these convictions make up “Paul’s Threefold Gospel Ministry”. I only mention these conclusions again here, because I have made up a chart/diagram that will hopefully help us to see and understand how these truths work together to produce a Gospel-centered ministry. Click here to view and save this diagram.


One Response to “Diagram for Paul’s Threefold Gospel Ministry”

  1. Billy Marsh Says:

    Very Good! Where’s the copyright on this one? Thanks for being creative in trying to teach sound theology, I’m sure many will find this chart helpful. I know I will!

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