The Patience of God in My Wife

Yesterday evening, we had a members’ meeting at our home church. Rachel and I left earlier than normal because I had fixed some tables for the church and wanted to put them together beforehand. I began putting them together rather quickly being that I wanted to be finished before the meeting. She offered to help me with one piece of the project and I told her what she could do while I bolted them together.

It did not take me too long before I caught up to her on the last table. I noticed (as my patience was growing thin) and Rachel told me that she was unable to finish this one aspect on her own. So, knowing that I might be able to do it for her, she simply stepped aside. Now frustrated that she could not do it, and that the one who offered help was now asking me for help, I took the matter of the entire project into my own hands with a sigh, fixed the last table, put it up quickly, and took her with me to the meeting. In a matter of about twenty seconds (twenty seconds!), I had made a project for the church, even one that I got to do with my wife, a very rushed, impatient, get-it-done-now-before-the-meeting-starts time together.

During the meeting I pondered what had just taken place. The Lord quickly revealed my rebellion against him and sin against my wife. Moreover, I was struck by the fact that my wife proceeded to pour out her love to me despite my impatience. As I grew impatient, she abounded with patience. As I sighed with ingratitude, she offered to help pick up my trash off the floor. As I “took charge” in haste and frustration, she quietly continued making herself available with a servant’s heart. As I rejected the opportunity set before me to serve my wife, she did so to me with gladness (regardless of whether or not she was able to finish the task). Without question, the Lord had again poured out his mercy on me, and so, through the patience of my wife.

I am very grateful for the Lord opening my eyes to the error of my ways and the blessing he has granted me in Rachel. Through his patience in and of itself, and in her towards me, I will trust that he continue to work repentance and sanctification in me as her husband. For from him and through him and to him are all things (including my merciful wife), to him be the glory forever!


3 Responses to “The Patience of God in My Wife”

  1. ddeevers Says:

    thanks for the word bret. may He do the same in my life as well.

  2. thewordisnotimprisoned Says:


    I love to see God’s word applied to your life. Paul says, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”

    Love ya bro,

  3. Brandon Says:


    I’ll second that. It seems you and I share in some brotherly sin. I don’t know if you read Karsten Piper’s poem or not (you should), but I feel like this exact sin is something the Lord has had to painfully cut off of me for quite some time now. And I expect it will continue.

    Thanks for sharing…I’ll remember you when I’m asking the Lord to help myself with this.


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