George Bush on Joshua 2:11 & 13

There is an Old Testament scholar by the name of George Bush, whom I stumbled upon one day when I was reading through John Piper’s book The Justification of God. Thus, I too made reference to his commentary on Exodus (1852) in a paper I wrote. Over the past couple of days I have been browsing his commentary on Joshua (1852), which even bears a title including the aim of his scholarship, an aim which is missing from many works in the Christian academy: Notes, critical and practical, on the Book of Joshua: Designed as a General Help to Biblical Reading and Instruction. I find his work very insightful and nourishing. Here is a flavor of his comments on Joshua 2:11 and 13 after explaining Rahab’s confession and her demand for the Israelites to swear an oath with her even for the sake of her family:

“…It was at once an acknowledgement of the true God, and a condemnation of the false gods and idolatrous worship of her countrymen, and showed a supernatural influence of God upon her soul. He can cause the rays of truth to penetrate the thickest shades of that moral midnight which broods over the minds of the unenlightened heathen, though we have no evidence that he ever does this, except in connexion (sic) with some kind of external instrumentality” (37)

“…But a practical remark of more importance suggests itself in this connexion (sic). The same feelings which warn us to flee the coming wrath and make our own peace with God, will also incite us to do all in our power to promote the salvation of our families and kindred, by bringing them also within the bonds of the covenant. We shall feel that our work is but half done when our own souls are safe” (38).


One Response to “George Bush on Joshua 2:11 & 13”

  1. brandon Says:

    also, I bet it’s entertaining to read as you think about how the words would sound coming out of our president’s mouth.

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