A T4G Phone Call

My younger brother, Brandon, just called me from the T4G Conference (see previous post). Did he call to rub it in that he is there while I am here? No, not at all; he called to tell me how much he wishes I was there sharing in the conference with him. O what great encouragement I receive from him and the fellowship we share in Christ. It is truly a joy to be “together for the Gospel” with my younger brother; and it is my prayer that as a result of this conference, more brothers might be united for the sake of the Gospel across all spectrums (family, race, etc.). Thanks for the phone call, Brandon.


One Response to “A T4G Phone Call”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Yeah…it wasn’t the same without you. I like being around you when we hear the same messages, because I feel like we usually react in much the same way. So…you’re welcome for the call. I truly did wish you were there.

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