“Let Them Come Home”

My brother Brandon sent me a link to an article entitled “Let them Come Home,” published in the September 2007 edition of Decision Magazine. It is written by Abraham Piper, who rejected the faith at age 19 in order “to drink gallons of cheap sangria and sleep around”. Some time later, however, the Lord gloriously rescued him with an email and a reading of Romans 1-10. He writes,

“The best way I know to describe what happened to me that morning is that God made it possible for me to love Jesus. When He makes this possible and at the same time gives you a glimpse of the true wonder of Jesus, it is impossible to resist His call.”

Today the Lord is using him in mighty ways as the Web Content Manager for Desiring God Ministries. He often posts very helpful, Gospel-centered information on the Desiring God Blog as well. The reason I mention this article to you is because in it he also includes 12 very helpful ways one can minister to a prodigal child. I highly recommend reading the article, for as my brother mentioned to me, these biblical tips are valuable and helpful even if your own son is not rejecting the faith. Click here to view his article.


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