Quote of the Week: Jim Hamilton on Christ, the Apostles, and the Old Testament

This week, I received Southern Seminary‘s Spring issue of The Tie, their quarterly school magazine. The theme of this issue is “Understanding Scripture in Light of Christ.” It includes some excellent articles written by their faculty and other pastors. Dr. Jim Hamilton has contributed a very helpful article entitled, “New Testament: Christ Revealed,” in which he submits that Jesus “modeled the interpretation of the Old Testament pursued by the apostles and others who wrote the books of the New Testament” (11). In short, Jesus used the same method of interpretation as the Old Testament writers, the apostles learned from him, and taught the church to do the same. Hamilton concludes his article by exhorting the church to read and re-read their Bibles. In doing so, he is convinced (and here is the quote of the week) that

…the more we will see that the Old Testament is a messianic document, written from a messianic perspective in order to provoke and sustain messianic hope, and the New Testament claims that these hopes are fulfilled in Jesus and the church (11).

Excellent. To see a review he recently wrote concerning a similar issue click here.


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