Theology & Exegesis

In His sweet providence, God has granted me the opportunity to study under some godly men at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary who have taught me a great deal from the Lord’s word. Everything that I have gained here is by His grace and mercy. “What do you have that you did not recieve?” (1Cor 4:7). What I have learned is not mine to keep, but given to share. I hope that at least some of these things will aid in your study of Scripture and further point you to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Exegesis & Interpretation:  These are more scholarly papers dealing with the Greek text. Though the reading is a bit heavier academically, everyone should be able to read it due to the translation provided in the parenthesis following the Greek font, as well as the concluding remarks gathered from the Greek text.

Exodus 9:13-16 God’s Purpose in Pharaoh to Reveal His Power and Manifest His Covenant Name

Joshua 2:8-14 Rahab’s Confession: Confirmation & Anticipation of the Lord’s Covenant Faithfulness (updated)

John 10:11-18 Jesus as the Good Shepherd

Romans 3:21-26 The Righteousness of God, Ground for Justification

Romans 9:14-18 God Is Righteous: Paul’s Justification of the Free and Merciful God in Election (updated)

Galatians 6:11-16 Boasting in the Cross as the New Creation

Hebrews 1:1-4 God Has Spoken by the Supremacy of a Son

Faith According to Paul, A Thematic Study of Faith in Paul’s Epistles

Christian Hope and the Kingdom of God in Luke-Acts

Messianism: A Common Ideology Among Jews in the Second Temple Period (updated)

Sermon Manuscripts: These are sermons that God has graced me to write for His church. I pray they would bear even more fruit by those reading them. 

Isaiah 2:1-5 Christ, Zion, and the Hope of the World (audio)

Ephesians 2:1-10 God’s Triumphant Grace in Christ

1 John 2:15-17 Stop Loving the World

Practical Papers: These are papers also written for seminary. They are fairly academic, but not as heavy reading as the ‘Exegesis & Interpretation’ papers. They are meant to stir one to think about current life issues and beliefs in the church, so that we might all be in pursuit of conforming ourselves to the Scriptures.

Let No One Separate, On Divorce and Remarriage

Biblical Church Discipline in Historical Baptist Ecclesiology

The Husband’s Duty in the Family’s Pursuit of Joy in God

Philosophical Papers: These papers deal with biblical theology, but are arguing primarily from a philosophical standpoint. They are a little heavier to tread through, but with some time and thoughtful reading will hopefully aid one in thinking about God and his relationship with mankind.

A Compatible Solution, On Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom

Charts & Diagrams: This section will hopefully become a collection of charts and diagrams that will provide helpful summaries or overviews of a variety of biblical topics and issues.

Paul’s Threefold Gospel Ministry in 1 Timothy

Structural Outlines of Biblical Books: These links provide larger structural outlines of various books of the Bible I have studied in a more in depth manner. With summary statements, each heading and subheading provides the reader with the overarching flow of the book’s historical narrative or doctrinal argument. Outlines are very helpful for understanding and memorizing the content of each book of Scripture.

Outline of Joshua

Outline of Judges

Outline of Ruth

Outline of Jonah

Outline of Romans

Outline of 1 Corinthians

Outline of Galatians

Outline of Ephesians


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